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The NRD App


The NRD App is a suite of tools that are specifically designed to help NRDs with their daily tasks. These tools create easy to use features for tracking data, updating critical information and providing for ways to create reports and forms for the landowners. The App includes a web-based interface, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and desktop GIS services.

Easy to Use

Easy to use interface that makes it quick for staff and piece of mind for Managers and Boards

Data Managed

Data is secure in the Cloud and accessed from anywhere, home, office, field, or in a meeting

NRD Design

Built from the ground up for NRDs, not a product for another industry made to work for the NRDs

Map Based

Every item can have a location so that you can keep your data and location together.

Web Design

Easy to Use


NRD Data Managed

Cloud Data Professionally Managed

NRDs tell us that management of data is a huge concern, and the amount keeps growing. The NRD App manages all the data an NRD uses for Certifications, Wells, Samples, Chemigation, and Flowmeters all in one spot. 

The App uses state of the art cloud technology to store the data on remote servers and is backed up at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals to ensure secure data. In addition, data changes are logged by user and access is controlled by the NRD to the data and who can edit it.

Data Managed
Irrigation System

Provides NRDs with what they need

Secure data and user access, with roles to limit edits and access to information for staff. A system to track and log changes of information as well as make data available to all the staff. Does not require extensive specialized training to keep spatial information and allows the NRDs to stay modern with changing technology.

Young Farmer

Mobile Apps for Field Staff

Our App includes mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that allow for field staff to collect data that is directly input into the application without transfer requirements. It also includes the ability to add measurements even without service in those hard to reach fields and then automatically syncs when it reconnects.

Computer Programming
The Mobile Apps


Try our site with demo information to see how it works on your own. See the functions, data it tracks and some reports that can be made!

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